How easy should getting insurance be? In a world of uncertainties, it pays well to be prepared. Through our work with InsuranceKo, we explore several avenues of how people can easily access insurance.

Client Brief

InsuranceKo, an insurance provider based in the Philippines, contacted us to create their own e-commerce website as well as a client portal to assist with their product offerings. In an effort to make insurance as accessible as possible, we designed a user-friendly shopfront website alongside an intuitive authentication and e-commerce experience.


We're currently designing and developing a custom website built on Next.js - a React framework optimised not just for static-site (static pages rely on unchanging data, i.e. pages that don't change content unless you refresh the page like blog posts) but also dynamic site generation (dynamic pages operate on changing data, i.e. profile pages, authentication).

As for content management, we implemented Prismic as a Content Management System (CMS). Prismic provides several advantages that supported a future-friendly solution, with tools including built-in image optimisation and flexible data structure creation.

For authentication and general back-end functionality, we utilised Fauna. Fauna is a fast, transactional database platform with built-in modules such as authentication, as well as scaling capabilities.



As this project is still under development, we expect certain details to change quickly. Though we may have hit a few road bumps here and there we're currently on track to finishing it to the discussed timeframe.

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