Not Just a Box Events

Find out about our venture on the lovestruck industry of weddings and marriage through our collaboration with Not Just a Box Events.

Client Brief

Not Just a Box Events (or NJAB, for short) is a weddings and events coordinator from Iloilo, Philippines. Their existing digital offerings included a Wordpress site that was not optimised with user experience in mind, and their social media presence was not extensive enough to convert audience into customers.


We designed and developed a custom website based on Gatsby - a React framework optimised for static-site generation, which gives it great performance and SEO optimisation.

As for content management, we implemented Prismic as a Content Management System (CMS). Prismic provides several advantages that supported a future-friendly solution, with tools including built-in image optimisation and flexible data structure creation.



While we did enable NJAB to take on greater heights due to our digital transformation project, there was still a lot of maintenance work to be done. As per usual with code, whenever additional components and functionalities are added there's a certain tradeoff with performance. Therefore, performance optimisations to increase conversion rate can still be implemented when necessary.

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